Monday, February 27, 2012

More Home Organizing

And another two photo day!  Jeez, if I keep this up, by the end, I'll be closer to 730 photos than to 365.

Anyways, I stopped at Home Goods on the way home from work tonight and picked up some items we needed . . . and some I just wanted.  I got some large baskets for the upstairs hall closet to hold cleaning supplies & toilet paper, a divided tray basket for my skivvies, three large baskets for the downstairs bathroom (that didn't fit in their intended space), a small canvas print for the dining room, and that awesome yellow trash pail above.

We also made an IKEA stop on the way to NYC on Saturday and so came home with a Tarnby rug, some Prant boxes (like the ones we already had on our pantry shelves), some plant pots, and two Rationell waste/recycling bins with sliding tracks.  The plan was to put them both, or at least one, under the kitchen sink, but alas - they didn't fit.  Justin thinks he can fit them into another cabinet, though, so I was free to reorganize the area under the sink.

I didn't take a "before" photo under there, but it had gotten a bit messy.  There were some overlapping cleaning products, an extra dish drying rack, and a shelf that held some stuff but also got in the way.  So we cleaned everything out (first photo above), removed the shelf, swept out the space, then reorganized it all.  The yellow pail, which we're going to use for compost/food scraps, took center stage!  We swapped out the old Prant boxes from the pantry (and replaced them with the baskets that hadn't worked in the bathroom - huzzah!) and filled them up with cleaning products.  Then, I tucked some fish gravel behind the compost pail, plopped the trash bags to the left, and settled the watering can & a box of plant stuff to the right.

Ta-da!  It's not amazing, I know, but it's neat, clean, and pretty organized, I think.  I'll take it.

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