Thursday, February 02, 2012

Transformation Tech

After a busy morning at one museum, I attended a workshop this afternoon at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem.  The panelists talked about how their museums use technology to further museum education, whether through blogging, Twitter, or interactive iPods in the gallery.  Both museums are much bigger than any that I work at, but the panel discussion gave me lots of ideas for using tech (both high and low) in my museums.

Plus, we got to take a gallery tour of PEM's newest exhibit, Shapeshifting: Transformations in Native American Art.  The exhibit is really compelling and provocative.  The "whale skeleton" above is from the final gallery and is made entirely of white lawn chairs.  !!!  I have some more thoughts on the exhibit, but will try to share them another time when it's not already 12:28 of the next day.

On a related note, guess who got home at 6 (left Salem at 4:45 - stupid traffic!), ate dinner with her sick husband, and then passed out on the couch from 7:15-11:45?  Yup, this girl!  Given that I got 9 hours of sleep combined over the last two nights, I guess I really needed it.  Now, back to bed!

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