Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unnecessary Drama

Today's picture is from one of the things that helped calm us on way back from NY today.  We stopped on the way back in New London, my college town, and enjoyed a lunch and a sampler at Flying Goose Brew Pub, a place I've been going for about 12 years now.  It was lovely.  :)  Now, here's why we needed it.

If you are ever in Cambridge, NY, stay at the Cambridge Hotel with extreme caution.  We were awakened last night at 2:30 am by drunken staff members yelling & blasting music in the hotel bar.  It was so loud that I could hear every word to every song from our second floor room at the other end of the hotel.  The ruckus didn't end until around 3:15am and we actually had to go downstairs to ask them to stop/leave after getting no answer on the phone from the night manager.  A really crappy end to a nice day at Cold Antler Farm.

Since we ended up getting basically no sleep, we refused to sign our final bill for the night and asked them to comp us the room (a completely reasonable request by most hotel standards).  We had enjoyed a nice dinner in the restaurant and had no problem paying for that part of the bill, but thought that asking us to pay for a horribly interrupted night's sleep (interrupted by the hotel's own fucking staff) was too much to ask.  The girl at the front desk said she did not have the power to do so and would check with the manager.  She said they would let us know.  You can see where this is going . . .

As of tonight, there's an authorization for the room and dining charges on our bank account with no notification or attempt to resolve the issue.  Considering they have my contact information and did not attempt to contact us, this is completely beyond what I expected.  They'll be hearing more from us tomorrow and we may find that the room charge is never actually completed.  But buyer definitely beware.

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