Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Vacation Recap

Unlike last year, my vacation this year was calmer and more all-in-one-place. No weddings, no extensive travel within the Maritimes, and no exhaustion from said travel. Just nine straight days at my summer cottage, spending time with my family & visiting with friends & extended family.

Also unlike last year, I didn't return with tons of photos & won't be boring you with numerous "vacation recap" posts. Just the one, unless I think of something wildly entertaining that happened which deserves its own post. And my mere twenty-five pictures are here

Things on the Island that I don't miss:
  • 1 bathroom - for six people! 
  • Limited access to Red Sox news 
  • Being single among my Canadian friends & their wives/girlfriends 
  • The American dollar being nearly the same value as the Canadian (thanks, Dubya!) 
  • Sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground 
  • The uneven sunburn that I get on the first day @ the beach - every year
  • Did I mention 1 bathroom for six people? ;) 
Things on the Island that I miss very much:
  • Arriving @ the cottage at 11:30am on the first day & being on the beach, beer in hand, two hours later
  • Canadian beer 
  • Opening the tent flap in the morning to the lovely view (see above) 
  • A whole eight days with my sweet little nephew 
  • Bonfires down by the lighthouse 
  • Entire days that passed without my putting on shoes 
  • Or showering
  • Or taking off my bathing suit ;)
  • Zooming around the Harbour in Murray's twin-engine jet boat 
  • Being with my Canadian friends (despite feeling like a little like a 5th wheel) 
  • Spending time with my family w/o having to schedule it :)

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Miss B said...

Sounds wonderful. I get many of those same feelings at the Cape. I wish I hadn't scheduled my vacation for the Fourth this year - I'm already much in need of another.