Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Calling Dr. Clarity

Busy day today. Took the day off work to head up to NH & get some things accomplished. I got my student ID, bought my parking permit, met some faculty & other new grad students at the orientation lunch, met with my adviser to discuss fall classes, took the second-to-last load to the Portsmouth apartment, and tutored a student on the way home. And boy - are my arms tired!

Anyway, while I was out & about, I passed a doctor's office - the small kind of practice that you usually see in what looks like someone's house. The sign out front said, "Dr. Clarity - Podiatrist." For some reason, I got a real kick out of this. Shouldn't someone named Dr. Clarity be an optometrist, or maybe even a psychiatrist? ;)

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londongirl said...

He or She is clearly in the wrong profession.