Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sox v. Yankees

This is why we watch, isn't it? Even when we lose, it's the greatest rivalry in sports. (But I could stand for a little less losing, thanks.)

Today's loss bumped our lead in the AL East down to 5 games. While I am concerned about our losing the series to the Skanks & Manny's possibly significant bench sentence, I'm not on the ledge yet.

Might I remind everyone that we still have a 5 game lead, which is tied for the biggest lead in baseball? Might I also point out that we are still playing .597 baseball? Only the Angels are close to that number (.594). The Bronx Biznitches are still down at .560.

There's still plenty of time left to panic, but for now . . . I'm a Red Sox fan. I choose faith. ;)

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