Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yet Again, I Lied

You guys need to stop trusting me. My sister sent me some of her pictures, so I'm breaking my promise & posting some more PEI pictures. Forgive me? ;)

Me on the Maggie Jane
(courtesy of my friend Chad's wife Adina)

Thing 1 & his uncle Andrew at Peake's Quay

My bro-in-law, his brother & my dad jumping
off the pier at Basin Head Beach

The little guy looks like Lawrence of Arabia (with modern shades!)

Thing 1 trying on his Grammy's glasses

He sleeps with his bum in the air & here's proof!

Me enjoying a cigar & a beer with my dad & bro-in-law

Thing 1 & auntie leaving Beach Point wharf on the Lady Shelby

Thing 1 pointing at a mackarel his daddy (or uncle, not sure which) caught

Steering the boat!

Fishing boats out by the bell buoy, just before a squall

1 comment:

eileen said...

Love the pier-jumping photo!
Seems like you had a great vacation.