Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Final Countdown

(You knew I was going "80s song by the band Europe" with that, didn't you?) Anyways, we're at T-minus 7 hours until my vacation begins. Since work is sucking big-time today, it's even more sweet.

Part 4 of my crazy vacation this year is a week at my family's summer home on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Here is the house:
Here is our view (cloudy day):
Here is our lighthouse & beach:
Here is a gratuitous sunset shot from the ferry landing:
Here is sunset by the lighthouse, looking over the Murray Islands:
And here is the sunset view from our porch:
You can see why I'm raring to go, right? I've spent every summer vacation on PEI since I was 9 months old. This, however, is my first summer owning a digital camera! Plus, I bought an extra memory card last week, so now I can take more than 400 pics. ;)

You know what that means. Expect lots & lots of photo posts when I return. All from a philanthropic desire for you to see the lovely sights that I got to see, of course. Have a good two weeks, everyone. Catch you on August 1st!

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ca111a said...

Ferry landing is gorgeuos!
Is there mosquitos there?