Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Green Tones

Yay! My friend L. had an extra ticket to the game last night & invited me along!

Our tickets were standing room & the place was pretty packed (37,008). Therefore, we didn't get a place to sit until the bottom of the 8th.
Still, despite spending most of the game hunting for a good place to stand while balancing two beers & a soft pretzel, it was good to be back at Fenway. :)

One of the things that always strikes me about the park is how green it is. Maybe it was the beers talking, but between the outfield, the Green Monster, and the green-painted girders, the overwhelming impression one gets of Fenway is colored by green tones.

Another thing that always hits me is how truly historic & important the park is. It is the oldest of all major league baseball parks & its significance is sometimes underestimated by the average fan. However, the current owners made a bold decision in 2005 - to restore Fenway & work with what they had, instead of building a new stadium (unlike some other team I could mention).

So, John Henry, Larry Luchino, and Tom Werner, thanks for honoring Boston's baseball history & making Fenway a place where I can indulge two of my passions: history & baseball! :)


Anonymous said...

I remember when you used to bring a book to the games and read the whole game through. Guess you've had a change of heart huh?

Luv, Kris

Stacey said...

I know - how times have changed! I remember those days: I never understood the rules or the stats, despite Dad's best efforts to educate me. :)