Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Pics

Well, Thing 1 enjoyed his second Father's Day. :)
He carried around a watering can which was half his size,

got a ride down to the beach on Papa's shoulders,

inspected the dock with his Daddy,

went for his first kayak ride (video here),

saw his Grammy get splashed,

(sort of) posed with his parents,

and discovered that he likes playing with sand

(which led to this pile of sand on the screen porch after Auntie dusted him off).

He also approved of some of Pop's gifts.

Oh, and the rest of us had a nice Father's Day, too. Hope you & yours did as well!


Kristen said...

Look at my boys ! how cute. Great pic sis. You gotta send me the others. Luv Kris

londongirl said...

YAY. That looks like a really lovely family day.

I hope you're feeling more chirpy too - being surrounded by loved ones can help with that!