Monday, June 04, 2007

A Tale of Two Women

Sometimes, it's a little crowded in here. Charming But Single's recent post about her conflicting opinions on dating reminded me of my own issues here. I, too, have a bit of an internal conflict about dating.

See, there's this one woman - I call her "The Girl in the Pink Dress." She believes in true love & "happily ever after." She pauses in front of bridal boutiques to sigh over the dresses. She wants a white picket fence, golden retriever, and 2.5 kids. She really thought Nick might have been "The One." However, she also thought that AR was surely the one and TM might have been and maybe SM was, as well. She's a little silly that way. :)

Then, there's the other woman. I usually call her something butch, like Sam or Jo or Chris. She wears jeans & drinks beer in bottles. She watches baseball & revels in "the bachelor lifestyle" (as we're calling it @ work this week). She's pretty much resigned to being the cool aunt & dating only for fun.

Both of these women are me & neither of them is me. The real me is somewhere in between & she's having a hard time deciding where to go from here.

I'm meeting with Nick next week to talk. Basically, I want to explain that The Girl in the Pink Dress doesn't run the show & I was not, in fact, charging full speed down the aisle like he seemed to think I was. Hopefully, that conversation will give me some perspective & help me decide on my next steps.

In the meantime, I realized that I haven't flirted with a boy in a bar for nearly a year. I think I'm about due. Anyone fancy a night on the town on Friday? ;)


Sarah said...

If Nick can't appreciate both of those woman in you, then he doesn't deserve you! Hopefully your convo gives you some closure though. Or at least some ammo for plotting revenge later :-P if you girls are going into town on Friday let me know, maybe I can swing by for a tini or two!

Jenny said...

It doesn't have to be one or the other! Just be YOU if you want to be the girl that lusts over wedding dresses AND drinks beers - do it. Because Sarah said it best, if Nick can't appreciate both, then he really DOESNT deserve you.

And, I'm not sure what you're taking to him about - closure or re-examining yourselves as a couple, so I don't want to be presumptuous - but if it is the latter, don't compromise YOU for the sake of being with him. I think in this entry you stated very clearly who you are/want to be with and without a significant other - so stick to that and trust me, a person who appreciates and loves you for that WILL come along. Maybe not today, maybe not this weekend, but at least you can live knowing you're being yourself and not someone someone ELSE wants you to be. Because THAT would be a waste of an awesome person.

And yeah, Friday? TINI OR TWO.

Kate said...

Honey, I know EXACTLY what you mean. After everything that happened with N I definitely was so jaded and cynical - here was a guy who I really trusted, didn't believe he was capable of overly original thought, much less overt and malicious deception. I was so wrong - and it really made me doubt everything! My ability to read people, for one, but also I lost a lot of faith in people's general goodness. Yes, my story has a happy ending, but only because as I fell into it sideways I looked up and said - oh, shit, WAIT THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!! I think it is important that you can are with someone who can appreciate and respect both the lady in pink and beer-drinking tomboy. You don't want Price Charming, you want Gilbert Blythe. ;)

Caity said...

Totally agree with all the above statements.

And I'm in for martinis on Friday! :)

Sarah said...

Um I would like Gilbert Blythe too please, me-ow!!

F Prince Charming!

Rachel said...

yeah, i'd agree that you're actually neither, and the right guy is going to get that, and get really lucky when he does (get your mind out of the gutter).