Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anglophilia meets Retrophilia

I've fallen in love with yet another British television program (or "programme"). This one is called "Battlefield Britain". The show was hosted by the father-son duo of Peter & Dan Snow. Since the elder Snow is a television presenter & the younger Snow is a military historian, they are a formidable team when it comes to presenting major battles in British history via the telly. Plus, the younger Snow (below) isn't hard on the eyes. ;)
They use some innovative & fun tricks, like having actors speak from the perspective of the soldiers in the various battles. This poor bloke is a Saxon who helped defeat the Vikings at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, then had to march 250 miles south to be defeated by the Normans just 5 days later in the Battle of Hastings:
They also use some old-fashioned tricks, like dioramas. Yup, those table-top models of famous battles, usually made of clay & felt. Here, of course, they have fancier versions & all of the troop movement is done with sophisticated computer animation. I particularly like how they make Peter Snow look like a curious giant:
Thus far, I've seen the Battle of the Boyne and the Battle of Hastings. I've been catching re-runs on WGBH at around 9:00 p.m., if anyone wants to try to find it. Or, you can get guaranteed gratification by buying the full set on DVD here. It's a jolly good time!

P.S. In answer to your imminent question, yes, I did take pictures of my television last night. Quirky in the cute way, no? No? (sigh) I know. ;)

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