Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Friendly Strangers

Nick came over tonight to return a book that I lent him ages ago, when we first began dating. I offered him a beer, we sat (him on the sofa, me in the Adirondack chair), and caught up on each other's lives for a bit. It was . . . odd.

Part of me was thinking, "Oh boy, I miss him." Another part was thinking, "He's not that great - maybe it was right that we broke up." I guess the latter sentiment lessens the former a little, huh?

As I was walking him out, I said, "So should we have dinner sometime? It never made sense to me to give up your friendship with someone when you break up." He agreed that we should try to get together before I leave the Boston area. We'll see how that plays out, with our busy schedules.

It feels very strange to me that I made meaningless small talk tonight with someone to whom I was once so close. Look at the picture above - that was us at the end of March (not so very long ago).

After he left, I cried for about five minutes, then turned on the Sox game & started making supper. I'm tired of crying, you guys. I think it's about time to move on. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to do that?


eileen said...

Leave the Boston area? Where are you going?

Re: moving on. I recommend not pursuing a friendship with an ex. It doesn't tend to work out as well in practice as it does in theory.

Miss B said...

I second what Eileen said about being "just friends." Jack and I were going to try that last summer and I'm so glad we didn't.

As for stopping the crying, well, as I learned last year, it takes time. Immerse yourself in things you enjoy - do things for you and only you. Soon, you'll see that the tears stop on their own.

Stacey said...

Thanks for the input, ladies. To be honest, I doubt we'll end up having dinner or anything, but I wanted things to be amicable.

Eileen - I'm starting a master's program in the fall in NH. I'll post about that soon!

Hooker said...

Grow a penis.

Lori said...

I have never been able to do the frienship thing with exes. Spend time doing things you love whether with friends or by yourself is the best advice I can offer.