Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weekend Recap, Part Deux

OK, sorry for bailing Monday night before finishing my weekend recap. It honestly wasn't that exciting of a weekend, so I'm afraid the 48 hours of anticipation will be for naught. ;)

Where did we leave off? Oh right, dinner with the grandparents on Saturday night. After dinner, Nick, my parents, and I headed up to my parents' friends' ski condo. Their condo complex has a well-appointed clubhouse, with a fitness area, bar/lounge, game room, and most importantly - two indoor pools & a hot tub! Hence the emergency bathing suit shopping. Sorry, Teeny - that's not very exciting. ;)

The hot tub was, of course, lovely, especially in contrast to the -3 degree weather outside. At one point, Nick & I were in the hot tub with my mother and her friend's daughter, who is 12 years old & the closest thing I have to a first cousin. I asked her how her math tutoring was going (she's being tutored by my company), to which she replied, "Good. But it doesn't matter that much because I'm going to marry Johnny Depp & we'll have someone to buy our groceries & do our taxes for us." I nearly drowned laughing. :)

The conversation then went something like this:
Me: Yeah, I'm horrible at math too.
Sarah:* Well, you should do the same thing then.
Me (without thinking): Yeah? Then who should I marry?
Sarah: What about him? (points to Nick)

Thank God & all the saints that be - he didn't run screaming out of the hot tub! In fact, he said, "
She's smart, I like her." Hmmm. That's good. :)

After our hot tubbing was done, we all (Mum, Dad, Nick, parents' friends, their two kids, and I) headed back to their condo to enjoy some appetizers & beverages. My favorite moments:
  1. My mum & I each accusing the other of being half in the bag (and we were both right!)
  2. We're all pretty big talkers & Sarah turned to Nick at one point & said, "You're too quiet. You should talk more."
  3. Sarah tried to teach us a game called "Wanna Buy a Duck?" We were absolutely abysmal at it. Disgusted, she said, "A bunch of 7th grade girls did better at this game than you people."
The rest of the weekend was a lot quieter. We slept late on Sunday morning, Mum made pancakes for breakfast, and we were on the road by about 1pm. We had a nice ride home & spent the afternoon watching Napoleon Dynamite & mucking around on our laptops. It was v. comfortable. :)

*(Names have been changed to protect the innocent, and adorable.)


Teeny said...

I'm kinda disappointed! I was expecting some 'running through the neighbourhood in the nuddy' kind of caper.

Ah well.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend, despite the lack of public-willy-waving on the part of your boy! Good on you.

Anonymous said...

That is very very postive marriage chat in bloke speak! Yey!!

(by the by got a lovely email from your friend Sarah who has just moved to Edinburgh today - it totally made my day as I have a bit of bother with cyber stalking recently and was getting to the stage where I was dreading opening my blog inbox...)

Stacey said...

Teens - Sorry for no "willy-waving" stories. Perhaps this summer when it's a bit warmer out. ;)

Elisabeth - I thought it WAS a rather good reaction, esp. since we've only been together 4 months, give or take. How lovely that Sarah emailed you! She's great. I'm actually crashing with her & her Scottish hubby (dear friend of mine) when Nick & I come to Edinburgh. Just 7 weeks now!!! :)