Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cringeworthy is Right!

A few weeks ago, Sarah posted about a website that requests people send in their cringe-worthy adolescent ramblings - from diaries, poems, short stories, etc. Sarah then entertained us with a hilarious tidbit from her own 18-year old journal. Inspired, I vowed to dig up my old diaries & see what ridiculously over-dramatic gems I could find myself. Here are a few of my favorites:
  1. April 1997 - "Sometimes my relationships w/ my ex-boyfriends amaze me. I mean, I haven't spoken to Ryan since we broke up, I saw Brian yesterday + was cold to him, etc. Out of all my ex-boys, only two could I conceivably fool around w/ again."
  2. August 1999 (in reference to my one of my Canadian "summer boyfriends") - "So this wound on my heart makes three . . . But I'll continue to love. Just much more cautiously from now on. And, you know, I'm only 17 (going on 18). I'm not looking for a soul mate. Just someone who intrigues me and I like as much as he likes me. Sounds simple, right? Not for me."
  3. June 2000 - "I swear to God, I never, ever learn. I've graduated from high school now. And, looking back, I see myself making the same mistakes over and over again . . . Hopefully, I've learned a thing or two. Maybe I won't be so blind in college."
  4. April 2001 - "I thought I might have better luck with guys in college. Nope. I had all kinds of hook-ups @ the beginning of the year and one almost-relationship w/ John, but nothing significant. Hey, I expected as much, right?"
There were others, but most of them required more background information & some included information that I'm choosing not to publish. My parents do read this little ol' blog sometimes & they don't need to know some of those details. ;)


Drama Queen said...

God your's are actually quite mature ramblings. . .mine are TOTAL cringeworthy.

Teeny said...

Um, there's no way I would ever be able to post anything from an old diary! FAR too embarrassing.

Drama Queen said...

That's you all linked to me. Might bring some strange Belgians your way, don't be too alarmed. .