Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Recap

"My weekend was good, thanks. How was yours?" The standard conversation of the Monday morning workday. But we don't usually tell people how our weekend really went, do we? Usually because we don't want to bore them/take up their time by telling them what we did in detail. But guess what? You're my captive audience, so I'm going to tell you. ;)

Friday - after a late (and cold!) start, Nick & I arrived at my parents' house in NH around 10pm. Got settled in, then spent about two hours catching up with them & my grandma while nursing a beer. Off to bed a little past midnight.

Saturday - up at 7am for an 8am haircut, then chatted with parents about the state of the American health care system over coffee. Nick slumbered peacefully until 9am. ;) Mucked about the house in PJs until lunchtime, then off to Wal-mart after lunch. I know - wicked exciting, huh? Trust me, I don't go to NH just for the trips to scary, hick-infested Wal-mart. The oil in my grandfather's car needed to be changed & Nick needed to buy an unexpected bathing suit (more on that later).

I came away with a copy of Moulin Rouge (because what girl can live without?) & the above clothing for the little nephew. Little, in this case, is a highly relative word. The sweatshirt is for 3-year olds and the track pants for 18-month olds. W will be a year old in a couple of weeks & those clothes will just about fit him!

After returning from the dreaded Wal-mart, we took a quick nap before heading over to my grandparents' new house. They (mother's parents) have only been there for a couple of weeks & are still getting settled in. Nick & I had a lovely visit & dinner with them, my parents, and my other grandma.

The highlights? Nick getting brownie points in my grandfather's eyes by asking for a glass of scotch & my grandmother in rare comic form. My mother's mother is a funny little lady, but she's been a bit down lately. Saturday night, though, she was on point. I'm giving her my old laptop, so at one point I mentioned that I need to transfer some of my old files off it. I joked that they were pornography & she replied, "Oh, honey, you can leave that on there." At another juncture, I noticed her smiling to someone to the left of me (either Nick or my grandpa). I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Flirting with your boyfriend." Haha, I love it. :)

OK, I'm tired and this post is getting too long. It's not like I had that exciting of a weekend, but I'll postpone the rest until later. Night, all!


Drama Queen said...

Oucha! That’s a big, er, baby. . .

Teeny said...

The clothes are for your nephew! I thought either you were very small, or you had a he-uge bed.

Your grandmother sounds like good fun!

Can't wait to hear the Unexpected Bathing Suit Story.