Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Plans for the '07

OK, I know I'm a bit late with the New Year's resolutions post, it being the 3rd of January and all. I don't usually make resolutions. I don't like them because I don't usually keep them.

However, I'm going to give myself a few "gimmes" this year. By that, I mean things that I've already done or planned to do in '07. It's like when you write a To-Do list on a piece of paper and include something like, "Write To-Do List." You get to cross it off immediately & everyone's happy - brilliant!

Without further ado, here are my Top 5 resolutions for 2007 (in no particular order):
  1. Finally get back to Scotland! This one is a total gimme, since I've already taken the vacation time (as has Nick), found us a place to stay, and will be buying the plane tix in the next couple of weeks. But whatever. ;) This was my resolution two years ago & I'm finally fulfilling it - with the handsome man above for company, no less!
  2. Finish my personal statement & submit my application for grad school. This is kind of another gimme, as that will be done in the next week or so (!).
  3. If #2 doesn't lead to an acceptance letter at State U, find a new job at some point. My two-year anniversary at this job will be at the end of this month. It's been a good run. However, I'm tired of being so far away from my passion - history.
  4. Treat that man above like a king. He's damn good to me, sometimes better than I deserve.
  5. Stay in touch with old friends. I generally do a good job of staying in touch with friends, but I can do better. For example, I can call my friends on the West Coast, in Canada, and in the UK more often. More to the point, I can have dinner/drinks/coffee with my friends in Boston more often.
If you kids have made any New Year's resolutions, best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Awww - what a lovely piccie. And that's great you are coming back to visit Scotland too....

Teeny said...

Number 1 - now that's a GOOD resolution. I knew you seemed like a clever gal...

Thanks for the link! I'll return the favour when I get round to re-jigging my blogroll.

Caity said...

That's a cute picture! :)

Caron said...

what great resolutions - Best of luck with your admissions. I just got my acceptance letter and it is the LIGHT at the end of my dark tunnel of current work. Cheers to you. And, WOW stacey - your boy is good looking, your deserve every second of it!