Monday, January 08, 2007

"Hill Farm"

I just love that way that sounds. Sorry, I'll explain. ;)

I've been browsing the web, looking for good B&B's for the upcoming trip to Scotland. By the way, I just typed "bed" instead of "web." I think I need to snuggle into my "web" sooner than later!

I found an lovely looking one in the town of Carbost on the west coast of the Isle of Skye. It's called
Drynoch Farmhouse and check out how cute it is! It describes itself as a working hill farm, with 400 Blackface sheep & 16 head of cattle. It's also right on the ocean. In my mind (influenced by a lifetime of summers spent on Prince Edward Island), you can't get better than a farm right on the ocean!

I also noticed that the B&B provides flowers & chocolates, to "
add a lovely touch if a special occasion happens to fall during your holiday." I may or may not have pointed this out to Nick already, as our 6-month anniversary will be the week before our trip to Scotland. ;)


Teeny said...

I left a comment earlier and Blogger ate it!


I said that I am going to Skye in May, and that you have made a good choice! The B&B looks lovely.

Stacey said...

Teeny - how great is Skye, huh? I went for a weekend trip in fall of '03 and always vowed to return. Plus, my grandfather is a MacLeod, so visiting Dunvegan is a special treat for me. :)

Hope you enjoy your trip!