Thursday, January 25, 2007

Growing Up

Sometimes I have one of those nights that just makes me feel grown-up. And yes, at 25 years old, I know that I do qualify as "grown-up" & have for awhile now. However, I don't always take notice of that. Last night I did.

Nick, my sister, my brother-in-law, and I went out for dinner in Harvard Sq. My parents had given each couple a gift card to Fire & Ice for Christmas and we decided to use them together for a double date! We had a nice time - drinking huge beers, picking out fun combinations of stir fry, and catching up on each other's lives. My sister & brother-in-law are great and they haven't spent too much time with Nick yet. So it made me feel good that everyone had a nice time.

After saying goodbye in front of the restaurant, Nick & I walked down Brattle St. to my car. I like parking on Brattle when I'm in Harvard Sq. because the walk back takes me past the beautiful old church above. Rambling down the street, arm tucked into Nick's, I thought about how we'd look to 14-year old Stacey. I think she'd be very impressed - with my handsome boyfriend, my dinner out in Harvard Sq., and my cute outfit! ;)

When we got to South Boston, we hopped into pajamas & bought our airline tickets to Scotland online. It was my first purchase with the new credit card. Buying airline tix for a trip to Scotland with my boyfriend! 14-year old Stacey was beside herself with envy. ;)

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Drama Queen said...

I think 14 year old DQ would wonder why she wasn't married by now and what the hell she was doing living in Brussels!!!

(*This is not to say I want to get married, I just think at 14 I thought everyone would be married by 26*).

She would approve of BF though, because even then she had a thing for Irish men.

Looks like we both did just fine