Saturday, October 21, 2006

10 Shopping Days Until Halloween

And I have no clue what I want to be. Plus, the Halloween party Nick & I are going to is next Saturday, which only leaves 7 days to figure this out!!! I'm officially in panic mode, people.

My problem is that I always want to have the kick-ass Halloween costume. Not necessarily the one that everyone at the party loves, but one that I think kicks some serious A-S-S. To wit, here are my costumes since 2000:
  1. 2000 - flapper (knee-length dress, black feather boa, long string of beads, dangly earrings, and thigh-high stockings with a flask of whiskey tucked in the top)
  2. 2001 - gangster (fedora, button down shirt, wife beater, suspenders, big pleated pants, water gun & cigar)
  3. 2002 - cowgirl (tight jeans with a small American flag & a small Texas flag pinned to the rear pockets, button down shirt, suede & turquoise belt, cowboy hat, boots, and floor-length suede coat)
  4. 2003 - Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt (blue fabric wrapped into a toga, silver Greek-type shoes, silver leaves in my hair, plastic sword, and bow & arrow set)
  5. 2004 - naughty librarian (knee-high boots, argyle stockings, wool skirt, slinky black satin top, red lace bra peeking out, grandpa cardigan and glasses)
However, last year, I phoned it in & recycled the gangster costume:

I've felt guilty all year. ;)

Nick & I were also thinking of doing some kind of "couple" Halloween idea. I don't want to do the typical "pimp and hooker" kind of thing, but I'm getting stuck thinking of clever costumes. We can always recycle two of my former costumes to be a gangster & flapper combo, but something new would be fun. I'll keep thinking about it, but any advice would rock (Sarah, you're the Halloween goddess. I'm thinking of you here . . . ).


Sarah said...

ha! i wish i could help you. i bought/made my costume today (black glittering toga, tons of plastic snakes pinned into an updo, various snake jewelry) and Adam? Who was all set to be a roman warrior to go with my Medusa? Bought a freaking BANANA costume. Yes, a banana. look for pics on monday :-P

Stacey said...

I'm so looking forward to those pics! I think I'll be content if we work the flapper/gangster thing into a Bonnie & Clyde kinda deal. That'd be fun, right?

Sarah said...

that sounds awesome. take lots of pics!!

erinire said...

A classy, tasteful couple's costume idea via

Bird Flu
For him: Dress in doctors’ scrubs and wear a stethoscope around your neck. Stick feathers randomly onto you with fabric glue.
For her: Dress in all black, and cover yourself in feathers. We suggest grouping a small bouquet of feathers together with a rubber band and pinning them to your tail and ponytail holder. Then glue feathers onto your sleeves and shirt collar (we’re hoping this is an old shirt), and wear a rubber bird beak.