Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Social Networking - Oh My!

I tried to hold out, I really did. I joined Friendster in May of 2003 & swore that would be my only social networking site. I was faithful, in the beginning. I stayed on, loyal & true, while other friends rushed to Myspace en masse. But finally, in March of 2006, I yielded to the tempation & joined Myspace. In order to make a clean break, I dumped ol' Friendster entirely (even moving my blog to this site) & focused on my Myspace addiction.

Things were fine for awhile. I was loving Myspace, Myspace was loving me back. I found hundreds of old friends, one or two old flames, and even a new flame. I'll still think of it as my first true social networking love. But lately, new & tempting sites have been wiggling seductively in my direction.

At first, it was just Bebo.com. My Scottish friends were on there, so I figured it was harmless. They ignored their Myspace pages, so I reasoned this was the only way to socially network with them! (A desperate woman can convince herself of anything)

But today, all reason & logic aside, my resolve finally crumbled. I did it, folks. That thing I said I would never do. Yes - I joined Facebook. If you're in a deal with the devil too, go check me out & make friends. ;)

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Jason said...

This is my problem with the social networking sites. you have to join 17 (3) of them to stay in contact with everyone.

I would give a nickle for a meta-social-networking site that would let you see/update all of them from one screen.