Friday, October 27, 2006

At Long Last

OK - so, here are the pics from the Silent Service show at Great Scott on Wednesday night. I know you've all been waiting in breathless anticipation (I delude myself, pay no attention). ;)

Lead singer David Fernandez

Guitarist Shaun Dempsey

Bassist Tyler Pollard

Dave & Shaun

Band onstage

In addition to the pics, Nick suggested I take some video of the boys playing. I took about 3 minutes worth of their song "Carolina" and uploaded it to my Myspace account. Check it out. :)

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Elisabeth said...

Hello Stacey

Just realised that you have been linking to my blog and through a little bit of reading that you have spent some time in Edinburgh (my favourite place in the world - as you may have gathered :-))

I will definitely keep reading your blog from now on and thank you for introducing me to the world of Boston bloggers!