Friday, October 13, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama

Today has been living up to its reputation as Friday the 13th. My car has been leaking coolant for awhile now & I've been putting off getting it checked. Then, it started overheating. Again, I put off getting it checked. Today, I heard a pop that I was afraid was a head gasket cracking & I was forced to bring it into a garage. Luckily, there's a garage near my office whose head mechanic was one of my grandfather's auto students back in the 1980s. I know he'll take good care of my car for me.

However, since I have to be in Plymouth for a rehearsal dinner tonight at 5 & my car won't be ready until Monday, I had to rent a car ASAP. Thank God for Enterprise, who is picking me up at 3:00. I'll be away for most of this weekend - rehearsal dinner tonight in Plymouth, then back north to South Boston to spend the night with Nick. Tomorrow - I have to be back down in Plymouth at 1:00 for photos at the bride & groom's B&B, then I'm staying overnight with some friends down there. I should be able to post from home on Sunday. Expect wedding pictures! :)

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