Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dunkin' Dreams

Can I just say, my love affair with Dunkin's is getting deeper & more meaningful by the day? I was so pleased when they offered medium coffees for 49 cents a couple of weeks ago. Imagine my surprise & excitement when they did it again today!!! I think the company must be focusing on cementing New Englanders' loyalty before their big push into the rest of the United States. Either way, it's working. I heart DD's. :)

(Picture above is courtesy of the Georgia Youth Soccer website.)


Jason said...

This post made sure I got coffee on my way to job two. A $.49 cup yesterday makes my $1.77 cup seem like a rip off this morning... and there was no line for the first time. I wonder if its related to cheap coffee day yesterday.

Sarah said...

this has nothing to do with dunks but i have to say thank you for bringing marriedtothesea/nataliedee/toothpastefordinner into my life. i have never seen those sites before. and i am in sweet, sweet love.

Marc said...

Dunkin' Donuts is still the king in New England, in my opinion. Starbucks is all right, but seriously, how many cops on detail or construction workers do you see on the job holding a Starbucks cup? Red Sox nation is also Dunkin' Donuts nation, and that won't change anytime soon.

Stacey said...

J-dog: Glad to be of service, sir. (tip of the hat)

Sarah: OMG, don't you love them? They're my absolute favorite funny, strange, web comic-drawing couple from Ohio - and that's saying something!

Marc: Thanks for the comment! I definitely agree with what you say about DD's. They have a good balance of customers from various socioeconomic classes. Maybe they should rename it to "Democratic Donuts." :)