Sunday, October 08, 2006

Birthdays Rock

Yay for 25th birthdays! :) Here's how my birthday weekend has gone down so far. After my friend's mini-bachelorette party on Friday night (in PROVIDENCE - a 2-hour round trip - for no particular reason!), I spent the night at the boyfriend's place in Southie. Left for NH Saturday morning & got my hair cut up here. After a bit of a visit with the fam & the cutest baby in the world,I headed over to my alma mater to see some friends. I stopped briefly to take pics of my senior-year house,
and one of the nearby lakes,
then headed to the college to catch the alumni rugby game:
The game was fun - saw old friends, met some new people, enjoyed a beautiful day & played with puppies!
Morgan and Hamly
Donna and Sadie
Back to my parents' house for dinner & gifts with the family (including one very cute little boy in his PJ's).
I got a beta fish for my birthday! I like this picture because I look like I've never seen a fish before in my life. ;)
The big gift was a brand new laptop (on which I'm posting now). I think the dog is as excited as I am here.

Today is my actual birthday & it's been lovely so far. Woke up around 7:15 & played with the baby this morning. Then, my mother made pancakes (from a mix that was a gift from my ex-boyfriend's family last fall. Yes, the ex-boyfriend who got married yesterday. I love that my mum is as perverse as I am). I've been playing with the new laptop much of the day, in between fielding birthday calls, texts, etc. from friends. And of course, the new boyfriend both called & left a comment on my Myspace page. Here's to a successful 25th birthday! :) You can see the rest of the pictures here.

(On a completely unrelated note, someone in England found my blog yesterday by searching for "elbow patches edinburgh." I love it.)

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