Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Embracing the Randomness

Is it just me or is Blogger's photo upload feature being very stubborn this week? I've been having trouble uploading images. Consequently, you don't get the promised picture of Hometown green today, or any pictures to accompany this post.

Not that I have anything much to say anyway. Nothing extraordinary has happened this week, so I'll give you some random thoughts & events:
  • I gave blood last night at the Red Cross drive near my apartment. I used to donate blood much more often, but I've been too busy lately. It was nice to do so again. Makes me feel like a bit of a hero, actually. :)
  • I'm reading a new book called Sea of Glory, about the U.S. South Seas Exploring Expedition of 1838-42. It's a really interesting read about a largely forgotten exploring expedition, written by the author of In the Heart of the Sea.
  • I worked on my graduate school application a bit last night - added 200 words to my personal statement & wrote a note to an old professor asking her to write a recommendation.
  • My date from Sunday emailed today to see if I wanted to get a drink later in the week. That was a nice surprise. Based on the typical "3-day rule", I was expecting to hear from him tomorrow. I think I'll need to think of a good nickname for him, since it seems like he's sticking around. Since he grew up in the Berkshires, let's go with Berkshire Boy for now. ;)
  • One of my friends (Jaynie's beau) emailed me yesterday & said: "One of the drawbacks of your having a blog is that I always feel updated on your life. I get a daily update... then I forget that we haven't talked in like a month. Ah well, such are the digital times in which we live." Indeed, J, indeed.


Sarah said...

i was just thinking about making an appt to give blood. i used to give it all the time too and now i haven't been in probably 2 years. so now that you have done it, i am going to too!

Stacey said...

Yay for you! :)

hetherjw said...

was responding to the email harder than blogging about getting the email?

Its cool. I'll wait...