Thursday, September 28, 2006

Real Life Stories

Good morning! I treated myself to a coffee & 2 donuts this morning, so I'm in a great mood. Last night, I met Jayne & Jenny for drinks at Orleans. I hadn't seen Jayne since probably July, so it was great to catch up with her. I'd obviously never met Jenny "In Real Life", so that was great, too. We had a couple of glasses of wine & chatted about boys, bands, Indian food, apartments, work stories, and BLOGS! And yes, of course we talked about you guys & the upcoming Blogtoberfest. (Breaking news: Jenny blogged about last night as well. Man, we bloggers do run true to form.)

Since I gave the girls the update on BB, you deserve one too. He did come over on Sunday night to see the Pats lose badly. However, we're still in that heady, early, storytelling phase, so between sharing stories & our Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale & a little kissing, we didn't really watch much of the game. We have a date planned for tomorrow night (as Jayne said, "Prime real estate!") & he emailed me today to settle our plans. So things seem to be going well. I hate to get too optimistic, since I've been disappointed many times before, but so far, the signs point to yes. :)


Jenny said...

"Ok so we're talking about BLOG!s again."


Loved it and meeting you!

Sarah said...

i do not really like beer...but i LOVE that pumpkin ale! so good and spicy!