Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend Stories

So, I had a pretty good weekend. It went by waaay too fast, but what weekend doesn't? I spent Friday night hanging out with R., Ochs & Reed at the Plough. I hadn't been there in a long time, so it was good to come back. Plus, you have to love a bar that's called the "Plough & Stars" and has an actual plough, wrapped in star-shaped lights, hanging above the bar.

After some pints, we met up with our friend J. (who confessed to being a regular reader of my blog - I love you, J!) and wandered down to People's. For those of you who don't know me that well, the People's Republik is pretty much my Cambridge home-away-from-home. My friends & I have been frequenting the bar for years. A night out there is basically as comfortable as hanging out in my living room (with the added bonuses of good beers on tap, dartboards, and cute boys).

On Saturday morning, I drove up to the Lake House. I made a stop at the L.L. Bean Outlet to find out more about kayaks. I've fallen in love with the Loon 111, in dark red (picture above). I hope to buy my own soon. I spent Saturday hanging around my parents' gift shop and chatting with my mother about everything under the sun. Dinner was at the lake house, followed by Fever Pitch. I saw it last year when it came out, but I knew the fam (mostly made up of big Sox fans) would love it, so we watched it again. (I chose to stay at the Lake House on Saturday night, and thus missed my friend D's CD release party. I'm hoping that if I use this opportunity to plug his band, St. Helena, he might forgive me?)

On Sunday, I drove home & met the High School Ex for a date at the Museum of Science. I have not been there in years and I'd forgotten how much fun it is! I think I spent 90% of the time (we were there for 5 hours!), exclaiming "That's so cooool!" We started off with the Butterfly Garden, then wandered around the various exhibits. We moved on to the Lightning show, then more exhibits. We finished up with an Omni show, Dolphins, and a planetarium show, Far, Far Away. I can't wait to bring Thing 1 to the Museum. I bought him a stuffed penguin while we were there, and some freeze-dried astronaut ice cream for myself. That is some good moisture-free dairy product, let me tell you.

I finished off my weekend lying on the couch and watching "The Revolution" on the History Channel and "Adult Swim" on Cartoon Network. That's my idea of a kick-ass weekend, folks. :)

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