Thursday, June 15, 2006

Smells Like Summer

I've spent the last three nights home alone. Sounds sad & pathetic, but it's not! As you all know (because I've been whinging a lot), I've been very busy tutoring lately. So being able to just come directly home from work, cook dinner, listen to music, read a book, or watch TV has made me so happy.

Plus, it's been lovely outside. I think bright, sunshine-y summer days are fantastic. But you know what I think is even more fantastic? Soft, warm summer nights. I live in a neighborhood that is very quiet & peaceful, but also close to things like bars, liquor stores, etc. When I want something to munch on, I walk down the street to the local convenience shop.

As I stroll down the dark, leafy street, I take a deep breath of summer night. Something about that scent sends me headlong into a nostalgic reverie of past summers:

Growing up in Hometown, my friend Tracey & I used to steal cigarettes and smoke them illicitly on long walks around the block (while the neighborhood kids followed us on their bikes). Later, I used to spend summer nights partying with friends, which was usually followed by hitting up Bickford's for some late-night eggs & coffee and/or heading up to the farm in Arlington to watch either the stars or sunrise.

I never spent a full summer in College Town. However, my friends & I spent many end-of-summer (September) and beginning-of-summer (May) nights drinking beers on a beach at the foot of the lake.

Naturally, I've spent many summer nights roaming around the Lake House. R. & I used to go for long, aimless walks to the end of the road when we wanted to smoke butts & didn't want my folks to find out.

And, of course, summer nights on PEI. These were my all-time favorite summer nights: driving around Beach Point & the Harbour with B. & T., starting bonfires, parties & trouble down at the lighthouse, sneaking out to meet the boys, sleeping out under the stars when we were too drunk to set up the tent . . . Those were some good times.

The only bad thing about nostalgia is it makes you wonder why you don't have that kind of fun anymore. ;)

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