Friday, June 16, 2006

17 Again

Last night, I got jealous of my teenage self & decided to have some fun. I decided this, of course, after my brain was so full of GRE math that it was threatening to explode. And since you all know I just cleaned my apartment the other night, this was not a viable option.

I called up my friend D., who lives around the corner. I went to meet him in my high school track sweatshirt & college running shorts (I swear I wasn't trying to dress like a teenager, though). We went to the liquor store & bought a six-pack (the only time I didn't feel 17). We then walked down the bike path & drank beers.
We ended up in Arlington at the public soccer fields where we sat & talked until almost midnight.

It was nice - just to wander along, illicitly drink Mexican beer, and not have anywhere special to be or anything pressing to do. See, even old fogies of 24 can take a walk back in time!


bikini martini said...
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bikini martini said...

I guess you weren't carded then =). Just a note to let you know I stalked your blog. Hope to read more soon.

hetherjw said...

24 is so the new 45.