Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rock 'N Roll

So I went to my co-worker's show last night @ the Middle East. Incidentally, I know I start many of my posts with "so". When I was a DJ in college, I invariably came back after a commercial with "all right". Can't avoid the segue word/phrase, I guess.

Anyways, this was a pretty big show for his band, Silent Service. They won some contest through CMJ and Zig Zag Live, which scored them the opening spot. This was the biggest show they'd ever played. It was cool for me to see them here because I remember them at the Abbey and PA's Lounge back in the day (last spring).

I love going to their rock shows - partly for the music, partly for the beer & partly because it's my excuse to wear Converses, hipster T-shirts, studded belts, tweed newsboy caps, anything "rock 'n roll" that I wouldn't normally wear.

They opened for Porsches on the Autobahn and Aberdeen City. Being kind of hip, I had heard of these bands before, but had never seen them play. The first 10 minutes of Porsches were, um, interesting. There were three guys in 80s suits & aviator shades, jumping around, rapping in German accents. Uh, what?! However, coworker Dave clued me in. They're from the U.S., so it's more of a comedy act than a super-serious, "we're clearly making good music" thing. After that, I loved it. Laughed my ass off.

Aberdeen City headlined & I can see why. They're a quality group, kind of Radiohead-esque. I drank too many Bud Lights (in plastic bottles) & sent myself home at midnight. Good times on a Wednesday night.

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