Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tidy & Coherent, Was It?

I think that's what I was shooting for today - a neat, tidy post that was short and to the point. Nothing cluttered or layered or messy. Right.

We all knew that was a pipe dream. I did have a nice, relaxing evening last night & cleared up a few things, but I'm still far from coherent & tidy. So I'm just going to spew out a list of the major things roaming around inside my head - good & bad. Maybe you guys can handle editing the clutter. Lord knows I can't.

  1. My ex-boyfriend is getting married. Yup, the one who wanted to marry me as recently as August '05. After we broke up in November, he got back together with his old girlfriend and they are getting married on the day before my birthday, October 7th. Yeah - piss on that.
  2. Remember that guy I was recently dating? High School Ex? The one I wasn't sure I wanted to commit myself to? We talked a bit about that last night. He feels exactly the same way. I am now officially single again.
  3. My company gave me & a few other co-workers $150 gift cards for working hard & meeting goals this season. Rock on! I've already spent it all at J. Crew: a gorgeous white summer jacket, blue Bermuda shorts w/ embroidered stars, and "tie silk" flip-flops (the Cadillac of flip-flops, baby).
  4. I'm going to a wedding on Cape Breton at the end of July, a day or two before my family vacation on Prince Edward Island. It's the wedding of an old friend (11 years!) from PEI who is one of the funniest, goofiest guys I know. It will be all kinds of crazy Canadian fun. However, my ex/summer love/first love T. will be there with his current girlfriend. Blech. Plus, I don't know how I'm going to get there, as I think the old Jeep-a-roo (119,750 miles on the odometer) is going to mutiny at the prospect of a 1,579 mile round trip from Boston -> Cape Breton -> PEI -> Boston.
And those are only 4 of the things on my mind! You can see where I'm feeling a little cluttered. It doesn't help that my apartment is an unholy mess - in dire need of a good scrubbing & sweeping, multiple loads of laundry, and a general tidying. Perhaps I'll tackle that tonight & see if it settles my mind . . . Anyone want to help? ;)

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