Sunday, April 13, 2008

Embarassing Pics of Me

So, without being a total Judgy McJudgerson, I have to tell you about one of my pet peeves: people un-tagging themselves on Facebook. I completely understand doing so to ensure future employers don't see a picture of you with a pair of underpants on your head & a quart of Jaeger in your hand. That, I get. ;)

However, I think most people un-tag photos of themselves that are merely unflattering or goofy. That's what I take issue with. That's life, people. Unless you walk through life with a film crew, there are going to be times when you look utterly ridiculous. Usually, it's when you're having the best time.

So embrace the embarrassing photo! Own your silly poses & goofy faces. As proof that I'm not all talk, here are some embarrassing photos of me. They were remarkably easy to find. ;)

My Canadian friend Mark got drunk & accidentally stepped on my other friend's glasses. This was the result.

Fall 2003 in Edinburgh. This Guinness hat was awesome, except when you turned your head too quickly. Nothing like a tiny wooden pint in the eye to remind you that you are, in fact, a drunken idiot.

The title of this photo is "Nobody told me we weren't still singing."
No, it's really saved that way on my friend Kate's computer. Also, I like that you can see right up my left nostril.

Stuffing hot dogs in my face for the Hot Dog Eating Contest last spring

At a friend's birthday party. We were talking about getting old, so I made an old-timey ear horn out of a napkin. Clearly.

Back when I cut my hair super-short, I made it really messy one night & posed. I know - I totally look like a guy.

The recent hot tub night. We had to walk through the snow to get to the tub, so we wore our shoes & hoodies. Between the boy shorts & the chucks, it was like someone was filming a Pac Sun commercial.

This face is Edinburgh, circa December 2003. I am clearly appalled by something someone has said, but we've never been able to piece together who it was & what s/he said.

This lovely face is courtesy of my last night in Edinburgh, June 2004.
I like how you can see white all the way around my irises.

This was actually taken the night I met D.B., the "Night of the Giant Straw." It's a wonder he ever wanted to date me.

Christmas 2006. I think I was overwhelmed by all the presents.
Either that, or I started drinking early.

This one's not too bad, except that I look like I am very sorry for whatever it was I did. Will you forgive me? What about if I give you this beer?

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