Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Four Morning Thoughts

I had just three in the beginning, but the morning news changed things.
  1. Last night, a woman was killed when a ceiling section of one of the Big Dig tunnels gave in & fell onto the Mass Pike. I could kvetch for ages about the corruption & disruption that the Big Dig has caused for this town, but I'll spare fellow Bostonians. Suffice it to say, this project has been Boston's albatross for the last twenty years & in all likelihood, will continue to be. And Milena Delvalle had to pay for it. In a strange twist, I was actually in the area when this happened last night, but had no knowledge of it.
  2. Because I finally (this was attempt #1) made it to the Legal's Test Kitchen in the Seaport. R., J. & I had dinner there last night. J. works for Legal's Corporate, so he was there for the opening 5 weeks ago. We had a nice dinner, enjoyed a bottle of the lovely "Pascal Jolivet Pouilly-Fume", met Roger Berkowitz (the founder of Legal's), and peeked at Mayor Menino, who was dining there as well.
  3. I promised you a picture of my new haircut. Well, here is the before (last weekend):
Here is the after (last night):
4. And last, but certainly not least, HAPPY 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY, THING 1!

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