Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Weekend in 4 Photos

This was really hard to do, as I took a grand total of 111 photos this weekend. ;) However, I present to you "my weekend in 4 photos."
Small Town College alumni Celtics game on Friday night with two college friends, Married Art Teacher & Co-Captain

Ridiculously fun time the same night at Daedalus with Married Art Teacher, The Artist (high school best friend, above), her boyfriend, and a few other friends.

The whole crew @ the bar. Damian (left) spliced all of our straws together into one giant straw, with which to drink beers from three feet away. Much hilarity ensued. ;)

Back in Portsmouth for the GSBB's party on Saturday night. Here we are @ the Page with her freshman year roommate. The chair I'm sitting in? Had wheels on it. It was both the best & the worst idea ever: we were all zooming around in our chairs & playing bumper cars!

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