Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Private Secret Diary

Quick post, as I really should be working on a final project (on beer brewing in Portsmouth in the 19th century - how much does that rule?). I just want to call attention to my New Favorite Blog. It's called "Private Secret Diary," which is, of course, a great thing from the start.

It's written by a guy who lives in Norfolk, England. His life describes
visits to the Village Pub and funny interactions with his neighbors & other villagers. He's kind of a cross between A.A. Milne & Bill Bryson. And as you can imagine, that + that = awesome & hilarious! This is one of my favorite posts thus far. It made me laugh so hard I actually couldn't breathe.

So go. Read it & love it. If you really do, you can also join his Facebook appreciation society. ;) I already have, as you've probably guessed.

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JonnyB said...


Thank you.

I have not joined my own appreciation society. It would seem a bit undignified. But it is frustrating, as it means I can't post stuff saying how great I am, or know what's going on in there, etc.