Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hump Day

What a beautiful day today! :) When I got up, I knew it would be nice, so I put on a cute t-shirt & my favorite white skirt. I had a meeting on campus, so I drove up around 2, with both front windows down & the music up. After my meeting, I shared a late lunch & two pitchers of Sam Summer with some friends in Campus Town.

After that, I drove home to Portsmouth to meet other friends at the decks for some dinner & a pint. It was actually my first time down there, which is shocking, I know. For those of you not from P-town, "the decks" are a linear series of riverfront decks that belong to, respectively, Poco's Bow Street Cantina, Old Ferry Landing, The Stockpot, and Harpoon Willy's. They each have a gorgeous view of the river & its bridges and are a popular dinner and/or drinks spot for the young & thirsty in Portsmouth. ;)

Now, after spending the bulk of the night drinking wine & watching TV with my roommate, I'm heading to bed with shorts on & the skylight open! It's a brave new world of summertime temps around here, you guys.

(Photo of the view courtesy of Poco's website)


kate.d. said...

methinks provincetown would not be too happy with such wanton nickname appropriation ;)

but amen for nice weather...finally...

kate.d. said...
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