Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now

(Warning - I got a little "1am rambly" and this post ended up much longer than I anticipated. Might want to get yourself a cup of coffee if you decide to stay for the duration.)

I've been thinking lately of what qualities "My Dream Man" might have. Much of this is because I wrote a paper last night & this morning about The Places in Between, by Rory Stewart. I read this book back in September and dredged it up again for this paper. And, truth be told, I'm really half in love with Stewart. Even my Facebook status says, "Stacey is really half in love with Rory Stewart," so you know I'm not lying to you now. ;)

The point is that I secretly (on the internet) half-love this man because he is many things that are important to me. He is thoughtful, intelligent, funny, well-spoken, and he also gets out there & does things. He walked across Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, for goodness sake!

At the beginning of last summer, I blogged about my "summer boyfriends." The first "boyfriend" was the entire '07 Red Sox roster & we know how well that turned out. ;)

The second two were historians & TV show hosts, Dan Snow and Josh Bernstein. These two lads remind me a lot of Rory Stewart, actually. They are handsome, intelligent, self-possessed, and immersed in the study & interpretation of history as a career. Is it any wonder that I think they're the bee's knees?

Which brings me to my current dating life, where I like both of the contenders, but don't necessarily think either of them are the aforementioned bee's knees. D.B. (who still needs a better nickname) and Sports Center are both nice, funny, sweet guys. They are both clearly interested in me, despite obstacles like long distances between us.

However, I don't find myself thinking, daydreaming, smiling to myself about either of them. And I'm a goofy romantic at heart, kids. I like, want, need all of that thinking, daydreaming, smiling to myself about my mate.

Further, I keep thinking about something that a happily married friend of mine said recently: "Don't underestimate your market value. You're smart, pretty, and funny - you need to find someone who's a good match for all of that." And without being a total egomaniac, I know this. I know that I'm attractive, funny (at least to myself!), smart, and fun to be around. I'm the kind of girl that a guy can be proud to introduce to both his mother & his drinking buddies. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the same in a boyfriend.

Am I being too picky? Maybe. Probably. All the same, though, who am I to decide at the tender age of 26 that my dream man isn't out there? Some Saturday night, I could turn around from ordering an oatmeal stout @ the Brewery or a cask-conditioned Old Thumper @ the Coat and there he'll be - tall, handsome, with mischief in his eyes & a pint of good beer in his hand. Hey, it could happen. ;)

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Caity said...

You're not being too picky! This was a good reminder for me that knowing what we want and not settling for less is a good thing. :)