Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've Touched Down

Finally & sort of. ;)

After my final day of work on Friday (during which I got to pick out my own going-away cake at Russo's!), a few co-workers & I went out for dinner at Watch City. Then, a Mediterranean chicken salad & Titan Ale heavier, I headed up 95 with two plants, a mattress, a betta fish, and miscellaneous other household goods.

Arrived around 9:45, had some help unloading, had a glass of wine with my housemate & some of his friends, and crashed around midnight. Worked all day Saturday, then headed up to the lake house.

After all the hubbub of the last few weeks, I was really looking forward to relaxing with my family on Saturday night. Instead, within thirty minutes of my arrival, I had both locked my keys (& purse & phone & Red Sox tickets) in the car & gotten two splinters deeply embedded into my foot. Sigh.

Once these issues were sorted out, though, it was a lovely weekend. Coffee on the deck in the mornings & swimming at the beach in the afternoons. Nice way to set me up for my first week of classes. I'll update more later, as I get more things unpacked & meet with more classes!


Sarah said...

very jealous of your beach swim! sounds like you're settling in well. we're very happy for you!

Drama Queen said...

Sounds like all going smoothly(ish).

You go girl.

Lori said...

Good luck with classes