Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Update

Had a good & fairly relaxing weekend, once it officially started. I worked until 3pm on Friday, then stopped by campus to pick up my student loan check & buy a few books I wasn't able to get at the beginning of the semester.

From there, I drove up to the lake. I had dinner with my mum & dad & grandfather at his house. My gramps has lived alone since my grandmother died in May & I know he's lonely. It's always nice to spend some time with him when I can.

Home to watch the Sox win & anxiously check both and NESN until I saw the final score of the Jays/Yankees game. 14 innings - crazy!

On Saturday, my parents & I drove up to Lincoln for the annual New Hampshire Highland Games. My mother & I have been attending for about seven years now, but this was my father's second time & his first at Loon (the games were at Hopkinton Fairgrounds for a couple of years).

While I still enjoy the Games, I find myself increasingly turned off by the representation of Scotland that I find there. Having spent some time in Scotland, it's now strange to me to see the tartan tchotskes & overly-romanticized elements of Scottish culture for sale & on display. However, I also recognize that things like Highland Games & St. Patrick's Day celebrations in America have more to do with a nostalgic cultural heritage than an accurate depiction of either Scotland or Ireland in 2007.

I still enjoy the Games & I certainly can't pretend that I didn't enjoy sitting in the grass in the hillside beer garden, enjoying a Piper's Ale & watching the caber toss. :) Picture above is my view from said beer garden. The grassy area in the middle ground is where the athletic games took place.

After a fairly relaxing Sunday, I headed home by way of BJ's to buy myself a new printer. Home around 7:30pm to do a ton of reading for class & prepare for the week ahead. Hope you all had good weekends & are looking forward to the super-warm weather forecast for this week!

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