Friday, September 07, 2007

Summer in the City

My goodness - it was hot today! The heat broke a twenty-four year old record in Portsmouth. The high was 93, four degrees above the 89 recorded in 1983. Isn't it supposed to be nearly fall?!?

I avoided the weather & stayed indoors for most of the day, unpacking. I did some good work: got most of my bathroom stuff, most of my clothes & all of my books put away. I have somewhere around 250 or 300 books, so this is quite a feat.

I also tacked up my nautical map of Murray Harbour, PEI (my summer 'hood) over the fireplace. It's a pretty big map - around 2.5" x 3" - so this was not an easy feat, either. However, it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. Check it out above!

Around 6:45pm, I realized that I hadn't been outside at all yet. So I went for a quick walk before the Sox game. I wandered down to the end of my street & across the railroad tracks to the mill pond. I sat on a rock for awhile & enjoyed the evening. The sky had that just-after-sunset pinkish glow & the water in the pond smelled like the ocean. It was lovely & made me glad that I had decided to get out for a little bit.

Then, home for the Sox's win over the Orioles (increasing our lead over the Yanks to 7 games if they lose to the Royals & 6.5 games if they win) & a chat on the phone with my mum. Hope you all had an exciting Friday night! Mine was pretty tame, but necessary. ;)

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londongirl said...

Tame days and nights are not only necessary for dealing with domesticity but also for calming the soul!!! I'm babysitting tonight and really looking forward to it. Enforced chilling out, relaxing and watching tV.


Glad you know that your new home is coming together!