Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because an open letter to the Red Sox hasn't been done to death ;)

Dear Red Sox,

You know I love you, right? I'm not a pink hat & I'm not a post-2004 fan. If you blow your lead this season & end up limping into the playoffs as the Wild Card pick, I will still be waiting anxiously by the TV in April 2008 for your season opener.

However, I think we need to talk. You boys are better than this. Well, Gagne isn't, but the rest of you are. Our lead has been whittled down to a slim 1.5 games, but it's still a lead & we've got just nine more regular-season games to play.

I trust that you'll take tomorrow's day off to rest up for a Tampa Bay butt-kicking this weekend. You can do this, boys. I still have faith. ;)



Anonymous said...

Stacey... May want to check some facts on Gagne before you just label him a bad player.

Stacey said...

Hi anonymous (way to take credit for your comment, by the way),

I realize that Gagne has had success for the Dodgers and has had some major injuries to deal with. However, I didn't say he was a bad player - I said the rest of the team shouldn't be blowing a big lead. He, however, has done not much more than blow leads for us, particularly this month. His ERA for September is 9.00!

As I said, he's not necessarily a bad player. Just one who has cost my favorite baseball team a few key games. Thanks for your input.

Caity said...

A bit more eloquent than my letter, perhaps.

And I laughed out loud at your Gagne comment. The way he's played for the Red Sox this season has been terrible!