Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Meeting the Parents"

Well, it wasn't quite so bad as all that. ;) Just kidding - I met Nick's parents this weekend & it went pretty well! His parents are divorced, so I didn't have to encounter a couple with a unified front or anything like that.

I did have a couple to meet on Friday night, though. We started off for western MA (where Nick grew up) around 8pm, but the turnpike had gotten very slippery by 9:30. We had only made it as far as Springfield at that point, so we decided to crash with Nick's friends Ryan & Andrea. They very kindly took us in when we showed up, snow-covered, around 10pm. They gave us beer, made us little pizzas, and gave us a (ridiculously comfortable!) bed to sleep in. Plus, we got to meet their puppy Max, recently adopted from the shelter. He was so sweet & snuggly. :)

In the morning, we got up, showered, and had some coffee with corn muffins that Andrea made for us. While I was in the shower, Andrea told Nick that she really liked me. That's one down!

We got to Nick's mom's house around noon. I met her & her boyfriend, gave her the tulips I had bought for her, then we all went out for lunch. Lunch was yummy & I think I was able to bond with Nick's mom a little over the crazy stories her boyfriend told (he's more than a little nuts). I figured she was the one I really needed to impress, so I felt comfortable rolling my eyes at the same things she did.

After dinner out together (during which Ryan called & mentioned that he liked me, too), Nick & I stopped by his father's to visit for a bit. His dad is pretty shy, but we chatted pleasantly for a little while before we headed out.

On Sunday morning, we got up around 9 (late for us) & started getting ready to go. When I was in the shower, Nick's mom told him that she really liked me. I'm telling you - I need to shower more! People seem to say nice things about me when I'm in one!

On the whole, it was a nice weekend & I seem to have hit it off with Nick's friends & family. :)


Teeny said...

Sounds like you did good! Were you v nervous? I can't remember the first time I met my boy's parents (how bad is that?!).

Drama Queen said...
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Drama Queen said...

I have to do the meeting the parents thing in two weeks. After a prolonged period it has been built into something huge. . .He met my family two years ago and it has taken this long for us to arrange a trip to his.


In the meantime he is well integrated into my family and I am still the girl who lives with her son ‘in sin’.

And Teeny can't remember meeting the out-laws because she was about ten!!!

Anonymous said...

You got off pretty lightly I think. When I met Pol's family I had to meet (less than a month after we started going out, I may add), in one day: his mum, his mum's boyfriend, his ex, his son, his ex's mum, his ex's boyfriend, his 2 brothers and one brother's girlfriend.

I think that was it.

Two parents a step parent and 2 friends are nothing on that!

Glad they liked you though!