Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lucky Girl

Am I a lucky girl or what? On Wednesday, my dear dad presented me with a single red rose, which now graces my desk at work:
And last night, when I arrived at Nick's apartment for our Valentine's/5 month anniversary dinner, I found this on the armchair:
A half dozen roses, interspersed with red berries & lush tropical leaves. As you can see, the bouquet was flanked by a card & chocolates (a portion of the cost of which went to the United Way). I don't know if you can see it, but the necklace I asked my co-worker to make (featuring a silver star-shaped bead and a British two-pound coin) is also hanging from the bouquet.
Here are the roses at home on my table. :) No matter what you can say about the commercialism of Valentine's Day, I feel pretty blessed right now.

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Drama Queen said...

Auch, your Dad AND your BF. How nice to have two special men in your life.

Proper pictures of the necklace Mrs...!!!!