Monday, February 12, 2007

Spoiled for Choice

So you know those days when you sit down to blog & simply cannot come up with a topic about which to post? Yeah, I'm not there now. ;) In fact, I have too many topics in mind right now. I'm not sure how to narrow things down.
  1. There's Thing 1's first birthday, which was on Sunday. I've posted one pic from dinner on Saturday - him with a napkin on his head. Cute, right? I get my camera back on Wednesday, so I think I'll wait on this one until I can post more pics.
  2. I'm mulling over two posts about Valentine's Day: a.) which is rather sweet & about how this is my first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, ever. You might get that one tomorrow night.
  3. And b.) which is about how those "Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry," commercials make me want to stab my eyes out. Seriously, if I hear "He went to Jared" one more time, I might fire-bomb their stores. Whew - got that out of my system, guess I don't need to write that post after all.
  4. There's also one that I was contemplating on the way home from work tonight - something about a comparison of Nick and The Ex using their music choices, I think. In essence, The Ex loved NIN and was appropriately dark, angsty, and mentally unstable. Nick loves old-school rap & the blues and is both comfortable & surprising. :) There - put that one to bed, too.
So in the end, you got a post about posting. Sorry! I'll mull over the Valentine's Day post for tomorrow night & see how un-sappy I can make it.

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