Monday, December 18, 2006

3-Party Weekend

Three parties in just one weekend - how busy and important am I? :) I kid, I kid. Here's how it all went down:
  • Friday night - raced home after work to change into dressy clothes, zipped to Southie to pick Nick up, and headed south to a friend's Christmas party in Quincy. This is the friend whose wedding I was in back in October. It was nice to see her & her husband's apartment decorated for Christmas. However, I overestimated on the outfit. Nick & I were the only ones not in jeans. I think I lost a few points on that one. ;)
  • Saturday (day) - After a stroll to Joseph's in the morning, Nick & I took the T (free ride inbound from Broadway! Not sure why - but hell yeah!). We wandered around Beacon Hill and the Common, enjoying the Christmas lights & decorations. He took some pics - check them out.
  • Saturday night - We had dinner at the Liberty Bell in Southie, then stopped by the liquor store for Sam Adams Winter Lager & Cherry Wheat Ale. After a quick change, we walked around the corner to his friend's party. I know his close friends, but I also ended up meeting ten or so of his not-as-close college friends. They seemed like a fun group & we played a rousing game of 3-man. Yours truly ended up wearing a beer box helmet for awhile there. Good thing I don't embarrass easily.
  • Sunday - Another morning walk to Joseph's & an afternoon spent watching football. :) I headed home in the evening to round out the weekend with a third & final party. I've been frequenting the People's Republik in Cambridge for about six years now & their annual Christmas party was on Sunday night. Had a great time - drank a few pints (Harpoon Winter Warmer & Dogfish Head Punkin), chatted with old friends, and still made it home by midnight! A few of the guys from the bar (regulars or bartenders) introduced me to their girlfriends as, "old school People's." Ian's girlfriend's reaction was the best: "But you're not that old!"

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