Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Update

Pretty busy weekend! After getting caught in the rainstorm on Friday night, I slept in on Saturday morning. 12:30 pm, kittens! Can you believe it?

My friend L. was going through some shit with her boyfriend, so she camped out at my apartment from Saturday afternoon until Sunday around noon. In an effort to distract her from her relationship drama, I searched high & low for a board game or playing cards or something. All I found was a set of mini Uno cards that I got for my birthday as a joke gift from my family. And yes, we used them! Can you picture two twenty-somethings sitting on the couch, playing Uno with teeny little cards? Yeah, it was pretty much that funny. :)

Spent a few hours on Sunday afternoon with Nick in Southie, watching the Pats & cuddling. December is going to be a crazy month for both of us, so we're carving out any time we can. I headed over to my sister's house in Hometown in the late afternoon. Sunday was her birthday, so I presented her with a bouquet of mango-colored roses from the whole family & baby-sat Thing 1 while she & her hubby went out to dinner at P.F. Chang's. L. joined us for awhile & helped me keep the munchkin (and the dog) in order.

Around 9 pm, I drove home, sat down at the computer, and proceeded to spend all of this month's food money on Christmas gifts & cards. But my nephew just has to get a tricycle, right??? I know - I lack will power, people. ;)


hetherjw said...

"12:30 pm, kittens..." were there kittens in the room when you woke up? are you calling us kittens? is nick really a cat?

also: there is no cuddling during football.

Stacey said...

Haha, I was calling you all "kittens." I started to write "bitches," but thought that might be a bit too intense. I also overuse "kids." Ergo - kittens.

I know there's no cuddling allowed during football. Let's call it, "sitting squished into the same chair even though we were the only ones in the apartment and kissing during commercial breaks." Is that acceptable, Mr. H?

hetherjw said...

clearly not acceptable.