Saturday, December 02, 2006

Day #. . . Wait, Who Cares?!?

Hey kids. Hope you all had a nice day-off-from-blogging yesterday. I hadn't intended to return so quickly, but Nick & I had a funny adventure last night that I thought I'd share.

After a long work week, he came over to my place around 6:30pm. We ate dinner, then sat on the couch trying to decide whether to watch the remainder of the first Harry Potter film or go for a walk. Since it was so nice & warm & windy, I argued for the walk. Thus, the sneakers went on & off we went.

We wandered leisurely towards Hometown Center, to which I live very close. We looked at the Christmas lights in the center & I pointed out the various establishments at which I'd worked in high school. We ended up at a bookstore downtown, where I decided that Baby W is definitely getting a couple of Dr. Seuss books for Christmas!

While in the bookstore, the heavens let loose. We looked up & saw what I imagine Noah & his wife would have seen - torrential downpour outside the window. As the store was closing shortly, we had to leave - but where could we go? We ended up in the small hallway of the building (where I'd smoked cigarettes with friends in high school) & pondered our options.

Being short of money, we decided against waiting it out with a beer at a nearby restaurant. That was the first mistake. ;) Since it was still quite warm, we figured we'd just get wet & walk home. That, of course, was the second mistake.

Off we went into the downpour. Within seconds, we were thoroughly soaked & walking through deep puddles. We kept up a walking pace for quite awhile, making jokes ("Just taking a romantic walk in the rain. What are you looking at, sir?"). Deciding to take a shortcut across a lawn, we realized we were now wading through a sea of mud. That's when we started to run.

At one point, the rain was so heavy, I ran underneath a pine tree to get some cover. Nick joined me & yelled, laughing, "This isn't any better!" Off we went again. We ran home to my apartment & snuck upstairs (I live in an old mansion and leaving puddles in the front hallway is not something my landlords would enjoy). Since the walk was initially my idea, I don't think I'll ever live it down. But as Nick said, "Always an adventure with you, kiddo!"

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Hooker said...

ain't that how it goes.

on cloudy afternoons i'll watch the sky all day at work. ok.

taking off.

get outside and start the bike.

hear the first crack of thunder.