Friday, July 14, 2006

Morning Mood

So let's talk about me in the morning. If I'm waking up here (Lake House):
Or here (PEI):
Then, I'm usually in a pretty decent mood. Not Kelly Ripa's level of chipper, but civil. However, when I wake up in my apartment in The Square:
and I am dragged out of bed by the fire alarm and standing out on the sidewalk with my glasses on, in my pajamas, there are two things that I am not having.
  1. Small talk. I hate this at the best of times, but seriously, neighbors trying to chat with me at 8 a.m. during a fire drill is just . . . grrrrr.
  2. PDAs. There was a couple who was hugging & giggling all over the sidewalk this morning. I looked away grouchily while formulating all kinds of lovely ways they could be run over by the fire trucks.
So. As you can see, I'm not a morning person during the daily grind. But I can be quite lovely if my surroundings are, I swear!

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