Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Support that Community Agriculture!

Yay - the long-awaited first day of our CSA was today!  These goodies came home with me from work - two kinds of lettuce, a bunch of asparagus, a quart of snap peas, and a quart of strawberries.  

The lighter-colored lettuce (we think maybe it was Bibb?  or butter?) and the asparagus are already gone, gobbled up for dinner.  The strawberries are going to be dessert in a little bit (likely right after I finish writing this post) and I can't see the snap peas lasting very long, either.  The other lettuce will probably be the last to go, as a body can't live on salads alone!  

At any rate, very happy to have fresh, local, prepaid fruit & veg back in our lives.

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